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From Donations to Sierra Nevadas

  • Where was the name CRUS11TOUR derived from?
    CRUS11TOUR is the name that Davey gave to his battle against Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme, an aggressive form of brain cancer. CRUS11TOUR is derived from his determination to “crush” this horrible disease and incorporates his St. Lawrence lacrosse number, “11”, as well as his love of golf and the PGA "Tour". While all of the above is true, Davey's uncle, Sam Hovey deserves an abundance of credit. He said it, it stuck...
  • How much money has CRUS11TOUR donated to Dana-Faber?
    Since it's inception in 2016, CRUS11TOUR has donated more than $3.5 Million to The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Davey's name and memory. By year: 2016: $150,000 2017: $357,875 2018:$630,269 2019: $950,844 2020: $645,817 2021: $780,193 2022: $1,225,003 2023: $1,250,044 (record year!) TOTAL: $5,990,044
  • What's up with Sierra Nevada? Why is it the "official unofficial" beer of the CRUS11TOUR?
    For anyone that's been to a CRUS11TOUR event or follow us on social media, you might've noticed a reoccuring theme in the form of a 12 oz green can. Besides being a fantastic beer, Sierra Nevada has held a special place in the hearts of the Hovey Family (and now the vast majority of Team CRUS11TOUR), due to the fact that it was Davey's favorite "post golf beer". Every round at Eastward Ho in Chatham, MA was followed by a Sierra Nevada (or three) in a frosty glass. It's become so popular that the tap in the clubhouse has recently been renamed "The Hovey".
  • How do I make a donation?
    There are many ways to make a donation. The most common is through the Pan-Mass Challenge. You can make a donation to our Team Page or to an Individual Rider. Click here for Team Page Click here to search for Individual Rider For other ways to donate, please contact us!
  • Where exactly does my donation go?
    100% of the money raised through CRUS11TOUR goes to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for brain cancer research, specifically being conducted by Davey’s doctor, Dr. David Reardon. The two funds, Current Use and Endowed, have been established in Davey’s memory and are named the “David Hovey CRUS11TOUR Fund.” We are happy to provide additional details on the two funds and/or the overall process at Dana-Farber. Let us know!
  • I "might" want to ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge with Team CRUS11TOUR. Where can I find out more about the event, including fundraising?
    We welcome ANYONE to join Team CRUS11TOUR. While you certainly don't have to ride in order to be a member of the team, if you are interested, please click here! At the link above, you'll find information on the ride itself, along with the different route options, fundraising commitments, and overall logistics of the weekend. We're bias, but it's an awesome event and will not disappoint!!
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