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Our Inspiration

Davey Hovey

Davey grew up in Simsbury, CT and Chatham, MA. He graduated from Westminster School and then St. Lawrence University, where he captained the lacrosse team in 2013. Upon graduation from college, he moved to Boston and worked at Arnold Worldwide as a Marketing Manager on the Titleist account.
Davey was 25 years old when he was diagnosed in October 2015 and he fought bravely through 5 brain surgeries, over 20 seizures, and many rounds of treatments. Sadly, Davey passed away after a courageous 16-month battle. During this time, he partnered with Golf Fights Cancer, raising substantial funds through participation in their 100-hole Golf Marathon (June 2016) as well as initiating a 9 member Boston Marathon Team (April 2017) - events that would propel Team Crus11tour to new levels.

Davey left behind a loving family and many close friends, all of who admired his grit & grace and have vowed to keep his CRUS11TOUR legacy alive. His strength and competitive spirit have motivated so many people to raise money for important brain cancer research. Davey taught us many valuable lessons during his battle with cancer: the importance of family and friends, giving back, and always to “keep the faith”. We do this for Davey.

Our Mission

Fundraising for Brain Cancer Research

To raise critical funds to support brain cancer research with a specific focus on Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most aggressive and fatal form of brain cancer. This is a niche brain cancer where research funding and pharmaceutical support is limited. 100% of the money raised through CRUS11TOUR goes to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for brain cancer research, specifically being conducted by Davey’s doctor, Dr. David Reardon. 


Our Action

Pan-Mass Challenge, Marathons, Anything!

Our primary fundraising focus continues to be the Pan Mass Challenge. Coming off a record year of $1,048,003 raised in 2022, and now with our biggest roster yet (110 riders), Team CRUS11TOUR continues to take the event by storm. In just six short years, our team has raised in total more than $4 Million for Brain Cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 


Over the years, we've also remained actively involved with Golf Fights Cancer, the Boston Marathon, Haymakers for Hope and even local paddle tennis events. We encourage any additional events that individuals may be impassioned to organize in order to bolster our mission.

Want to ride in the PMC!? Contact us here or reach out to any of our current riders. More the merrier!

Our Doctor

Dr. David Reardon, MD


Dr. David Reardon is the Clinical Director for the Center of Neuro-Oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  Dr. Reardon was Davey's primary source of care and treatment through his 18 month batle, and has dedicated his 30+ year career to fighting this niche, yet deadly disease. Dr. David Reardon is widely considered by his peers to be one of the smartest, most experienced neruo-oncologists in the country.  All of the fundraising by CRUS11TOUR is allocated towards two funds at Dana-Farber, Current Use and Endowed, in which Dr. Reardon and his team have access to.

Hear from Dr. Reardon himself as he gives a quick update on his team's research and the importance of our funding

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